Omideon is focused on developing novel treatments for cancer by targeting the tumour glycome. We have developed carbohydrate binding molecules (CBMs) as a new therapeutic modality for this devastating disease. Omideon’s lead candidate OMI-DG1, is a first-in-class multivalent CBM in development for ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer.

We harness the growing understanding of the importance of aberrant expression of glycans on the cancer cell surface, to develop novel CBM derived drugs that have the potential to transform the treatment of these aggressive and had to treat tumours. Aberrant glycan expression and the presentation of a multitude of Tumour Associated Carbohydrate Antigens (TACAs) on the cancer cell surface mediates a number of cancer cellular behaviours important for disease progression. By targeting TACAs with CBMs affords a unique multifaceted approach to limit these cancer cellular behaviours to treat cancer.

Established in 2020, Omideon is a spin out from Pneumagen Limited.

Our Team
Dr. Graeme Rogers
Chief Scientific Officer
Douglas Thomson
Thomas Engelen

Targeting the tumour glycome with high affinity
carbohydrate binding molecules

Omideon is focused on developing carbohydrate binding modules (CBMs) as a new therapeutic modality to treat cancer and target Tumour Associated Carbohydrate Antigens (TACAs).

TACAs and the tumour glycome have been shown to mediate many cellular pathways associated with cancer, such as increased proliferation, evasion of cell death and resistance to cancer therapy.

The Company’s platform technology uses genetic engineering to create multivalent CBMs with enhanced affinity for specific terminal glycans to target the tumour glycome and TACAs expressed on cancer cells. By binding to terminal glycans and multiple TACA targets, CBM’s should be able to exert a powerful therapeutic effect.


Direct tumour glycan targeting to treat cancer

Omideon’s lead candidate, OMI-DG1, is a first-in-class multivalent CBM (mCBM) in development for the treatment of ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer. OMI-DG1 has shown preclinical in vivo proof of concept against ovarian cancer. Omideon has successfully raised investment to expand the indication of OMI-DG1 for colorectal cancer. The Company is currently raising financing to progress OMI-DG1 for both indications into an advanced preclinical oncology product.


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